About Quest App

Interactive content for 21st Century Skills hosted on a multi-device gamified platform that is easy to use and can be deployed in offline settings too.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any device learning!

Over 190,000 youth trained till date


Tree 1

Over 250 hours of interactive, gamified content to build skills around Communicative English, Life Skills, Work Readiness, Digital Literacy, Technology in Careers and Self-Employment.

Tree 2

Helps trainers manage courses, centres and batches. Trainers can also create customized courses by uploading their own training material to create a holistic learning experience for the learners.

Tree 3

Virtual peer to peer community to connect students and trainers to promote discussions and collaboration. Also includes Rewards and Recognition system for learners to drive engagement.

Tree 4

Provides analytics on learner progress and performance to trainers and students.

Tree 5

A RaspberryPi based server that allows users to access Quest App even in offline settings.



New hires will become productive faster and improve the overall quality of the workforce

Upskilled youth, especially in customer facing roles, will improve the brand image of the company

Improve placement numbers through better learning outcomes and Employer Database

Simplify and improve program implementation and tracking, even at scale

Improve student engagement through gamified, interactive platform

Increase placement numbers through access to Employer Database


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